точечная сварка - Spot welding shank - PARENTNashik

точечная сварка - Spot welding shank - PARENTNashik

PARENTNashik offers point welding electrodes with a shank and holder in various shapes, in accordance with international standards made of chrome copper zirconium | C-18150 | group-A | And beryllium copper | C-17510 | group-A for a spot-welding gun, a portable welding machine and a robot gun.

These shanks are supplied together with a water cooling pipe, O ring, water distributor. Also there are pins with an insert of type 4, bent for soldering and PEEK.

PARENT is an expert in the creation of various tailings of a special type | The holders for your any type of portable welding machines from the process of cold stamping with minimal production costs and fast delivery around the world. Currently, PARTS shanks are used by the leading car manufacturer in Europe, the USA and Asia.

PARENTNashik Electrodes Shank - types of robot holders - straight, single bend, double bend, 3D, straight barrel

# Detailed delivery # Best price # Excellent quality.

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